Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Entry 4. You Were Once Fat With Sin, Too

I think oftentimes Christians, once they've been walking with the Lord for a time, find it easy to point judgmental fingers at those who are new to the faith. They look at someone's demeanor, dissecting it for all its godless characteristics, and come to the conclusion that God can't possibly live on the inside of them.

Never forget that we have all been fat with sin, overwhelmed by the excess weighing us down, longing for the day when we look in the mirror and see a new person. This is a goal worth having and one Christ has promised to see through. But, the mistake that is too commonly made is in our arrogance. Though Christ is our Redeemer, we have the audacity to think the current "new person" looking back at us has something to do with what we've done.

We are no longer fat because He has removed the excess weight. We are no longer under such a heavy burden because He is our burden Bearer. Don't you realize that your goodness is not yours? Without Jesus we are utter darkness, a body packed full of sin and sick. He is the goodness in us and He is the One that has delivered us from our past.

I think this is easy to forget, especially when seeking Him diligently. The change within feels earned: after all, you were consistent in devotions, went to church weekly, prayed every night before bed, etc... You've done the work and have the body you do because of it, right?

Not exactly. The only true requirement of you to be changed from the inside out is to have a heart for God. It is in your willingness to be transformed that He is able to transform you, in your submission to His will. The only thing you do is come to a place where you are willing to let Him work on you.

Yes, devotion time is great, church can be a wholly effective hospital, and your prayers are always heard. But, none of it matters if your heart doesn't truly belong to Him. These works are not works at all. They are simply the result of a heart loving the Lord. In other words, when you let Him, He will change you without you working for anything.

Be careful when you look in the mirror and see someone better than you used to be. Be careful that you aren't convinced within yourself that your current state belongs to you. I say this, not to discourage, but to correct. Jesus is willing to meet us where we're at and will work at His pace and in His time to sculpt the new from the old. This process is not for you or anyone else to oversee in others.

And when you do act as if your newness should be applauded while their fat is a sign that they don't know God, take a good hard look at the past. You were once fat with sin, too.

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